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Crew Member: William B.

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Name: William B.

Age: 27

From: Royal Oak

Favorite Hobbies: Working out, Cooking, playing a variety of sports, Officiating, Hockey

Education: Graduated Cum Laude – Wayne State University 2013, Bachelor of Science in Education. Major: Kinesiology



Why are you Participating in Set Sail for Autism?

I want to participate because it is a worthy cause. There needs to be more awareness about employment and career opportunities for people who are on the autism spectrum because many people with autism are extremely talented and have a lot of positive qualities and skills to offer employers. This is a chance to meet other individuals on the spectrum, their parents and learn about their interests and talents. It’ll also be nice to enjoy a breathtaking view from a sail boat for 3 days.

What are you most excited about the trip?

I’m excited because it will be like a vacation and a one-of-a-kind experience! It’ll be great sailing on the lake and taking a break from work. I’m also having high hopes that people will be given better understanding of what autism is, the issues we face as individuals, and an appreciation for our unique personalities and skills.

What do you hope to gain from your experience on board?

I hope to gain more of an experience of what it’s like to sail, how everything on the boat works…and an understanding from people that though people with autism may be “different“, they are not less than “normal” people.

***William is open to exploring new journeys, opportunities and career possibilities. Connect with William at:


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